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Welcome to Your Bridge To Healing!

healinghandsEnergy medicine is an alterative healing technique that guides the energy which naturally flows through your body to where it is most needed for healing. It enhances your body’s ability to heal itself, and blends seamlessly with traditional medicine. With energy healing you can see your true self awaken and your brilliant potential emerge as you radiate with wellness of mind, body, and spirit. At Your Bridge To Healing, music will be thoughtfully incorporated as a powerful adjunct to your energy therapy. Throughout your journey of personal healing, you will feel nurtured, supported, and empowered in this heart-centered practice. If you have been searching for a magical, memorable healing experience, Your Bridge To Healing is the place for you!

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Meet Lea Decoteau of Your Bridge To Healing in Middlesex County

We practice a variety of healing therapies including:

  • Reiki – Is a gentle healing art that uses the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and promotes deep relaxation, relieves pain, releases emotional issues, and enhances wellness.
  • Integrated Energy Therapy – Uses the healing energy of the angels to release energy blockages from your past, empower you in the present, and reach for the dreams of your future.
  • Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing – Is the energy of unconditional love and freedom, and helps you to experience physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Full Spectrum Energy Medicine – Focuses on healing with the chakras, or energy centers, to address life issues, and brings you into internal peace and harmony.
  • Transformational Healing – Creates spiritual transformation through consciously raising one’s energetic frequency of Light toward one of grace and love.
  • Qi Gong – A moving meditation in the form of Chinese therapeutic exercise to promote smooth energy flow in the body for health, healing, and well-being.
  • Healing with Crystals – Uses the healing power of crystals to empower you, align your energetic imbalances, and strengthen your spirit.
  • Thai Foot Reflexology – A relaxing and invigorating treatment of the whole body through the feet.
  • Physical Therapy – Manual therapy techniques or therapeutic exercise can be interwoven with energy healing therapies for optimal physical healing.
  • Music Integration – “The magic of music warms the heart and soothes the soul.” Individualized music is integrated into healing sessions as this philosophy is embraced at Your Bridge To Healing.

Interested in learning more about energy healing at Your Bridge To Healing? Click to learn more about who would benefit from energy healing or to find out more about what a first energy healing visit will be like.

Your Bridge to Healing serves clients in Groton, Pepperell, Townsend, Dunstable, Littleton, Ayer, Lunenburg, Westford, Acton, Boxborough, Harvard, Concord, Chelmsford and surrounding Boston metrowest Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire communities.