Is Energy Healing For You?

Are you wondering if you would benefit from energy healing? Here are just a FEW of the reasons why you might give energy healing a try:


  • Before and after surgery, illness or injury
  • Pain (chronic, headaches, back pain)
  • Fatigue, physical stress or feeling ‘out of balance’
  • Cancer, autoimmune disorders and chronic illness


  • Stress, grief, anxiety, depression or needing comfort
  • Feeling ‘stuck’ in your life
  • Regain your personal power
  • Release emotional wounds to move forward in your life


  • Clear yourself of old, limiting beliefs
  • Free yourself from painful or destructive thoughts
  • Stop repeating unhealthy patterns in your life
  • Develop a greater sense of clarity, purpose and focus


  • Know your soul’s purpose and accept your true self
  • Find your inner peace
  • Become closer or more connected to the divine
  • Bring your dreams to life

Energy healing empowers you to take charge of healing yourself!

What to Expect During Your Healing Session

During your healing session, all that is asked of you is that you be open and willing to receive the extraordinary benefits of energy therapy. Healing energy flows naturally to where it is most needed in the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Your energy therapy session will always be intentioned for your highest good and highest healing. As you receive the healing energy, you will be empowered to work with it, and will always be encouraged to actively participate in your own healing process.

magic-of-music-267Every energy healing session will held in an atmosphere of privacy, respect, confidentiality, and compassion. At the beginning of each session you will have the chance to express any concerns or goals that you may have at the time. During the session, you will lie on a massage table fully-clothed with a pillow and blanket for comfort. Relaxing music, thoughtfully chosen for your individual healing needs, will be quietly playing in the background. You are free to talk during your session, or you may choose to just relax and enjoy the experience. Typically energy work is a hands-on practice, so we will gently place our hands on you. If you prefer, we can perform these healing techniques with our hands just off your body. As your session is ending, you will have the opportunity to discuss the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual responses that you have experienced. This sharing of information is vital as it will be used to help creatively focus the treatment plan of your next visit.

Although each energy healing experience is truly unique, there are some common sensations you might notice during and after a session. You may see bursts of color or light. You might feel deeply relaxed and even fall asleep. You may feel an increased intensity of your emotions. A sensation of heaviness or lightness, or feelings of warmth or coolness may flow through your body. In most cases you will leave with a greater sense of peace, harmony, and well-being.