Please Enjoy Our Reflections!

January Highlights 2018

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,miracles happen

New Year’s Eve celebrations bring us miraculous visions with spectacular fireworks displays from around the world.  As you watch these celebrations, do you find yourself hoping for…. or dreaming of…. a miracle?

In November, I experienced a miracle when my grandson was born and I became Mimi!  What a momentous time the birth of a baby is.  As a baby enters our lives, he or she creates a family and becomes part of a family.  Two people who were a couple become parents, parents become grandparents, and the ripple effect continues.  Billions of people have been born over the years, but that doesn’t take away from the miracle that every birth is.  As I’ve said…. every time a miracle.  Every person is special.  Each of us is unique, possessing a special talent to offer to the world.  Maybe it’s a sunny personality, a brilliant mind, a beautiful voice, skillful hands, or a kind heart.  Always remember…. you are a gift.  Please take a moment to ask yourself, “What is it about me that is special…. and maybe even miraculous?”  Then let your answer be what defines you!

For many of us, it’s quite easy to fall into the rut of seeing the world as mundane….. to see our lives as ordinary and routine…. to be complacent.  Too often we neglect to see the miracles that are all around us every day.  But phenomena, both simple and extraordinary, exist as a reminder…. the wonder of the sun sparking on snowflakes, the comfort of a hug, the taste of a marshmallow melting in hot chocolate, bumping into an old friend, or the warmth of a crackling fire.  It’s up to us to see them…. notice them…. and recognize them for what they are.  As you go through your day, ask yourself, “What are some of the miracles in my life?”  Whether your response is simple or extraordinary, allow yourself to see your life from this vantage point.

Miracles don’t end the moment we’re born.  You are a rarity…. and your life is precious!  Of course, this doesn’t mean that life is always a bowl of cherries or that we never experience struggles.  Rather, it’s a reminder to appreciate that you are amazingly unique, and to enjoy the wonder of your life, through times that are challenging as well as joyous.  It’s your choice…. and as we welcome 2018, now is the perfect time!

Rose and I are here to help you view yourself with appreciation and wonderment.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


December Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,speak your truth

The daily news recently has illustrated that there’s quite a spectrum to harassment, from “teasing” to rape, with many shades in between.  As the #MeToo campaign continues to unfold, we can hear and nearly feel the unburdened collective sigh of relief from the brave women and men who have come forward to share their story.

It’s been heartwarming to see that the impact for these people has been one of empowerment, relief, and community.  Brene Brown, a researcher on the subject of shame, writes, “If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.”  The success of #MeToo, to empower and give voice to those who have experienced harassment, is very clear.  We all see the movement it has become, and hopefully a true cultural change will occur.

We’ve all had a variety of struggles in our lives, but what makes our struggles tolerable?  Sharing them with someone who cares.  Imagine the relief you’d feel if you could share the burden of your story with a trusted friend.  Someone who would listen to you, give you a hug, and say to you, “I’m sorry that happened to you.”  Find that special someone.  As I was thinking about writing this today, a song I hadn’t heard before came on the radio.  Interestingly, the title was…..

“There’s No Peace in Quiet”

If you have a story to share, and need someone who cares, Rose and I are here to listen to you.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


November Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,how lucky you are

It could have been me.  Today I’m washing clothes that I wore on a brief stay in Las Vegas, and I’m grateful that today is a normal day.  I woke up this morning to text messages asking me if I was home or still there.  People asking if I had gotten the concert tickets I had wanted to that country music festival in Vegas.  People asking how I was feeling, knowing that I was safely home, while others were not.  When I went downstairs and opened my book of daily quotes on gratitude, today’s quote was a message sent directly to my heart:

October 2
“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.” 
 (Mary Jean Irion)

I’m very aware of the near miss that I’ve just had.  I’m very aware of the tragedy that didn’t happen to me.  My thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives have been impacted by this senseless act.  And I wonder, how often do we escape tragedy of which we are completely unaware?  The car accident that we were diverted from…. the fire on the stove that we smelled just in time….. the virus guided away from us by a breeze…. the time we caught our balance after tripping at the top of the stairs.  While tragedy happens all too frequently, life also has a way of protecting us, and guiding us to where we need to be.  I believe these near misses happen more than we realize, and I am so grateful for the times that I’ve been saved by the universe’s invisible safety net.

Times like these remind us to see life as a gift.  Every day.  A gift.

Rose and I can use energy healing to help you appreciate the treasure of your normal day.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


October Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,hallway

A friend was talking to me the other day about her life since grief has entered her heart, and she was saying that she has found comfort in a quote that her yoga instructor passed along….

Many speak of opportunities –
“When one door closes, another one opens.”
But rarely about the hallway.
The transition.
The in between where you are and where you are headed.
The hallway doesn’t have to be a
scary, dark, endless confusion –
It can be a space of
massive transformation,
great memories,
and peace.
I believe this approach can be useful in many circumstances in our lives…. such as divorce, an empty nest, a move to a new town, lack of employment, as well as grief.  If you find yourself in one of life’s transitional hallways, your natural tendency is most likely to search for the newly opening door.  But life is about the journey…. the experience…. and the growth.  Allow yourself the freedom to be…. just be.  Take your time as you explore the landscape of your new situation.  Be patient as you adjust to your new normal.  Take notice of a new seed of hope that may begin to bud, in its own time and perhaps in a different way.  Be mindful of what you want as you create your new life.  Be proud of your transformation…. enjoy making new memories….. and find peace in the hallway.

Rose and I can use energy healing to help you navigate through your hallway, and hopefully you’ll find a light waiting for you.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


September Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,

The events of Charlottesville are very disturbing.  As I watched the ongoing violence that ensued, I kept asking myself, “How can people, in 2017, still have these views?”  Human life matters.  This is a premise upon which our country was founded, and it’s up to each of us to stand up for treating others as we would like to be treated…. with dignity and respect.

Shortly thereafter, we all experienced the rare occurrence of the spectacular solar eclipse.  Some viewed it as a scientific phenomenon, some an astronomical miracle, for some it was a social event, and to some merely a moment of curiosity.  Sai Maa, an energy healer and spiritual guru, expressed the following message, describing the eclipse as “a time of new beginnings, new becomings, great transfiguration.  At the time when the moon hides the light of the sun, it is our time to step out of our shadows and declare, “Here I Am, as the Light!”  We can no longer allow the past or darkness to hide our Light.  The eclipse is offering us a tremendous opportunity to do this.”  ….. I think Sai Maa’s message is timed perfectly.

I believe that the recent protests and the solar eclipse are intertwined.  One is a wake-up call, and the other is a call to action.  In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, let’s “be the change we want to see in the world.”  And let’s use the ripple effect of energy to spread kindness and compassion to those around us.  I wonder how far the ripples can go……

Rose and I can use energy healing to help you step into your Light.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


August Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,shower off

Sometimes it’s best just to laugh about it!  A couple of weeks ago I had one of those moments.   I had dragged our trash cans to the curb for trash pick-up, but a few hours later we had a rainstorm that led to some minor flooding in the area….. especially my driveway.  When I looked out my window, I saw all of the trash cans tipped over and lying in a foot of water.  So I put on my raincoat, took off my shoes, and ventured out into the storm.  My first task was to empty all of the trash cans of water and move them to higher and dryer ground.  Next I had to get the garbage bags out of the water, and empty water out of them, before putting them back in the trash cans.  But to top it off, I was bombarded with spray as cars drove by me through the flooded road!  Truly I had to laugh, and all I could think of was that I really needed a shower!  And 15 minutes later, all remnants of trash or road spray had been washed away.

Meditation can be like that.  With meditation, or mindfulness, or a focused thought progression, you can allow any negative or fear-based thoughts or feelings to wash away…. leaving you feeling cleaner…. and lighter….. and free.

Rose and I can use energy healing with guided meditation to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


July Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,hope and inspiration

Summertime is my favorite season.  But for some, the beach, ice cream cones, and sunsets aren’t an intrinsic source of joy.  Similar to the holiday season, the sadness, depression, and isolation some people experience on a daily basis are only magnified when they contrast their lives with those who are at their happiest during the summer.  Not everyone enjoys summer…. not everyone is happy just because it’s summer…. not everyone is hopeful for an enjoyable summer.  Understand that, if this describes you, you are not alone.  Wth this in mind, I am passing along to you some quotes I came across recently, in hopes that you can find some comfort, hope, and inspiration during this hot and sticky season……

“Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination.  The best is yet to come.”

“Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.”

“If you don’t like where you are, move.  You are not a tree.”

“You can’t start the next chapter if you keep rereading the last.”

“If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.”

“Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be.”

“Sometimes you need to talk to a three year old just so you can understand life again.”

“Listen and silent are spelled with the same letters.  Think about it.”

“Sometimes, you have to stop thinking so much and just go where your heart takes you.”

“You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward.”

“Never stop believing because miracles happen every day.”

Rose and I can use energy healing to help you find hope and inspiration.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


June Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,feel your emotions

It has been a difficult time.  Our beloved dog, a treasured member of our family, passed away last week.  We were blessed with his constant companionship for almost fourteen years, and we miss him now.  I realized the other day that his name spells out just a few of his special qualities…. Devotion, Unconditional love, Kindness, and Empathy.

It has been a wonderful time!  As the special events in our adult children’s lives unfold, they bring us anticipation, hope, celebration, joy, and love.  Along with each of our kids, we are entering a new and exciting phase of life!  But last week, as I was receiving some happy news, I found my feelings torn between two extremes.  How could I be truly joyful when I’m truly sad?

And this is what I learned….. We are not disloyal to our reason for sadness by allowing ourselves to experience happiness in our lives.  Life brings us a kaleidoscope of emotions every day….. a continually changing pattern of the shapes and colors of feelings.  Humans enjoy the ability to experience a variety of (often conflicting) emotions at once.  Feeling them all is what makes life interesting, vibrant, and true.

Rose and I can use energy healing to connect you more deeply with your emotions.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


May Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,don't look back

One day, when I was a teenager, I needed a crew member for a sailboat race I had entered.  Since none of my friends were available, my Dad offered to crew for me.  My Dad was an avid sailor, so I knew it would be an amazing learning experience for me.  I remember this race, not for the fun and social time it might have been with a friend aboard, but for two of the many lessons I learned from my Dad.

As the skipper of a sailboat, one must keep an eye on the setting of the sails, the actions of nearby boats, the safety of the crew, and the race course to be sailed.  On this day, as I looked around and behind me to see where the other boats were and what they were doing, came two lessons I’ve carried with me to this day.  My Dad said, “Be aware of what the other boats are doing, but you must focus on your own boat.  Sail it the best you can, keeping your eyes on your own course.”  I didn’t realize at the time that I would remember his words, often, and years later as they applied to real life situations.  I love that my Dad’s wisdom both visits me and stays with me.

Do you find yourself looking in the rear view mirror of your life….. always looking back on your past?  Doing this puts blinders on you, preventing you from seeing what’s special about the present moment, and what’s bright about your future.  The past is over.  You are here to enjoy this one precious life….. today.  Be sure to immerse yourself in it.

Are you apt to compare your life to the lives of your family members, friends, co-workers or neighbors?  If you do, your focus becomes what they are doing and what they have, rather than on the beauty and uniqueness of your own life.  But when you concentrate on your own dreams, achievements, talents, and joys, you fuel your life with energy.  Remember, you are the one and only magnificent you!

Set your sights on your unique course in life, and remember….. enjoy the sail!

Rose and I believe energy healing can facilitate a focus that’s true for you, and a deeper appreciation for your life.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”live your own life


April Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,family put arms around

When I see a person with their therapy dog, I’m just mesmerized by the connection between them.  So in tune with each other, they are a unit…. they are one.  Their bond is one of love, trust, and appreciation for one another.  They are the pure essence of what it means to be family.

Who comprises your family?  Does your family consist of a husband or wife, maybe children as well?  Or do your parents, grandparents, and sibling(s) define your family unit?  Is your’s a blended family?  Or a family that is made up of true and trusted friends?  Perhaps your family is actually composed of a dog, cat, or horse!   Really, all that matters is that you have a family to which you belong….. a family to take care of….. and a family who takes care of you.  And once you recognize who comprises your family, hold on.   Open your heart to them, encircle them with embracing arms, and hold them with hands that knit together a strong and loving fabric.

Rose and I hope you’ll think of us at Your Bridge To Healing as part of your family.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


March Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,when you believe

Watching the Super Bowl, I felt like we witnessed a miracle!  This annual sporting event that carries with it so much hype, so much anticipation, and if you’re team’s in it…. so much hope.  And by halftime, it became clear to Patriots fans that one team is going to win, one team is going to lose, and things were looking bleak.  But still, fans believed.  As the third quarter evolved, we began to feel a glimmer of hope.  And then came the infamous fourth quarter, when we just kept saying, “WE BELIEVE!”  As unlikely as it seemed, true fans believed that this coach, this quarterback, and this team could pull off a miracle.  The Patriots’ overtime victory is now history!

I heard that many of the Patriots players, at halftime, were saying that THEY BELIEVED they would win.  Against all odds, they still held that belief.  Do things happen in our lives just because we wish them to?  No…. but they certainly can WHEN WE BELIEVE THEY WILL.  Believing is the first step to create a dream come true.

Sometimes life seems stacked against us and it’s difficult to see our way to happiness…. or dreams fulfilled…. or victory.  In moments like these, begin by believing in what you want.  Believe in your dreams…. even if they seem miraculous.

Rose and I can use energy healing to encourage you to believe in your dreams.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


February Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,happy four years

Can you believe it?  Our door to Your Bridge To Healing opened four years ago!  When I think back on the creation of our healing center, from salt lamps to a website, and from cross-stitched angels to newsletters, the predominant emotion I feel is gratitude.  Gratitude for being called to be a healer…. gratitude for the blessing of working with Rose…. gratitude for the beautiful space in which we practice….. and gratitude for our clients who trust us to be gentle with their often fragile hearts.

Whether you’ve walked through our door one time, or see us every week, each of you has touched our hearts.  You’ve brought to us your openness…. you’ve been willing to try something new…. you’ve allowed us to see the world through your eyes…. and you’ve been hopeful, trusting that healing will happen.  I want you to know how deeply grateful we are for your support, encouragement, and your inspiration.  Our wish for you, today, is that you let yourself be filled with the way we feel about you….. you are so very special!

A friend of mine gave me a book of daily reflections, and I’d like to share a few as a gift to you…..

“Follow your inner moonlight, don’t hide the madness.”  Allen Ginsberg

“To love what you do and feel it matters – How could anything be more fun?”  Katharine Graham

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  Mary Oliver

“Work while you have the light.  Your are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.”  Henri Frederic Amiel

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”  Joseph Campbell

Now, what might these messages mean to you…. in this moment…. and in your life?

Rose and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy your experience with energy healing at Your Bridge To Healing.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


January Highlights 2017

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,fresh start

Maybe it goes something like this…..

I need to lose weight because…
… I went crazy over the holidays and binged like you wouldn’t believe.
But could it be…
… my body deserves to be nourished with healthy foods?

I am going to begin a regular exercise program because…
… I look and feel disgusting.
Or better yet…
… I know that I’ll feel better physically and emotionally when I get in shape.

I am going to start and end my day with a positive affirmation because…
… well, maybe I won’t after all because nothing ever goes right for me anyway.
Why not try…
… the energy I put out comes back to me, and I’m worthy of positivity!

We all know that the New Year brings thoughts of resolutions, but often these are surprisingly short-lived.  I believe that one of the reasons is that we tend to frame our resolutions in negativity, and when we do, we carry our baggage from the past with us.  This burden that we carry weighs us down, blinds us to the true purpose of our goal, and robs us of the joy of a fresh start.

A resolution will hopefully bring you physical well-being, emotional buoyancy, mental clarity, or spiritual healing.  We all deserve the ability to start anew or to improve our present state.  But we don’t have to reject the person we currently are in order to improve ourselves.  As you begin, show yourself compassion by loving and accepting the person you presently are.  Let this love and acceptance be your springboard to maintain focus as you work toward your resolutions.  And enjoy the journey!

Rose and I are can use energy healing to help you learn to love and accept yourself.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


December Highlights 2016

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,sun will rise

The other day Tom Brady was asked what would happen if he were traded from the Patriots, and his answer was, “The sun would still rise the next day.”  Just a week later, when President Obama was addressing the nation about Donald Trump becoming the next President of the United States, he, too, said, “The sun will still come up tomorrow.”  Hearing this the second time, I realized it wasn’t just a response….. but a message.

How often do we face disappointment….. endure heartache….. feel blind-sided….. see a door close….. and lose hope?  We all experience shifts, twists, and turns in our lives.  But if we allow ourselves to be guided, and place our faith in that sunrise, we’ll find our hearts more open to our own ability find the silver lining….. heal our hearts….. see more clearly….. create new opportunities….. and feel optimistic about tomorrow.  In your darkest hour, remind yourself that the sun will rise tomorrow.  Open your heart to hope, and in the rays of the next day’s sun, take your first step to create the life you want.

Rose and I are here for healing during the darkest of hours.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


November Highlights 2016

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,get back on track

I’ll admit it….. I’ve been grazing for a couple of weeks!  One of my sisters uses the term “grazing” to explain random, indiscriminate eating as one wanders by the kitchen cabinets.  Well, this has been my pattern recently, but today I’m setting myself back on the path of healthy eating, thoughtfully and with purpose.  Chocolate has been my downfall.  It usually starts with just a few of those little blueberries nestled in dark chocolate, then graduates to a handful, and before I know it the bag is empty!  Never mind that the past eight months have been ones of working out and healthy eating….. I wandered off the path.

Such can be the case with the attention we give to cultivate wellness of our mind, body, and spirit.  Quite often we see our clients, who have been struggling, work to become happier and healthier versions of themselves.  And they continue with their natural healing practice for just so long….. before they gradually wander off their path of wellness…..  only to find themselves in crisis.  Is it time for you to step back on your path?

Rose and I are able to use energy healing to keep you focused on the well-being of your mind, body and spirit.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


October Highlights 2016

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,

Your Bridge To Healing hosted Roland Comtois, a gifted, unique and compassionate medium who’s focus is to provide healing through the messages of eternal love.  Many in the audience received messages from loved ones, and yes, for a variety of reasons, some tears flowed.  Through each of the stories, we learned… and experienced… and opened our hearts and shared our hearts with each other.  The grief and relief… the guilt and forgiveness… the fear and comfort… the joy of connection… the questions and understanding… the truth… the laughter… and the love.  During those few hours, we witnessed what happens when true emotions run deep and become too much for one heart to hold… tears flow.  It was an experience we won’t soon forget.

The tears you cry can reveal a lot about your heart.  While there are many reasons for why you might cry, the bottom line is that your heart is so full that it’s overflowing.  So when the tears begin, allow them to flow!  It’s a special part of being human… to experience deeply the truth of our emotions.  Allow the creation of a beautiful emotional landscape as you experience the joys and sorrows of your life, and remember that at the root of it all is love.

Rose and I are able to use energy healing to gently guide you through the reasons for your tears.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


September Highlights 2016

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing, 14188156_1260178740683273_402059623072484009_o

One of my daughters got married last weekend, and it was a beautiful celebration of love.  It was truly memorable to witness these two people declare their love for each other, and to feel the love of our family and friends who joined us for this special event.  My heart is full.

As the wedding becomes a memory and the photos are appearing online, I’m more sure than ever that love is what gives meaning to our lives.  But this love can take many forms.  We can love a special person in our lives.  Or maybe we love a pet that gives our lives meaning.  We can love ourselves as we try to be our best self every day.  Perhaps it’s our home that we love, or our neighborhood.  Maybe it’s a walk on the beach, or a hike in the mountains.  A special tea… a chocolate-covered strawberry.  A favorite book or TV show.  And for most, we love our Patriots team!  How do we find meaning in our lives?  It’s all about love!

As summer is coming to a close and the craziness of busy fall schedules begins, take a few moments to think about what you love in your life.  May your heart be full.

Rose and I can use energy healing to help you recognize love in your life.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


August Highlights 2016

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,safe harbor

Recently, a friend was telling me about a member of her family who was struggling a bit, and searching for happiness and fulfillment through various external sources.  And then she said something so simple, and yet quite profound…..

“Until she finds her safe harbor within, she’ll just keep searching.”

This made me think of the times in my own life when I wished I could bottle the happiness of the moment, holding onto it for those times of “happiness drought” that would inevitably arise.  Since we all know this isn’t possible, new questions subsequently emerge…..

What do you seek when you’re feeling unhappy, unsettled, unnerved, insecure, or adrift?  Do you look for comfort from friends or family?  Do you eat chocolate?  Do you think of moving or changing jobs?  Do you go on a shopping spree?  Do you crave approval or recognition from others?  Do you think, “If only I had this, my life would be perfect.”?

It’s natural to search elsewhere for “the answer” or the “antidote” to the trials and tribulations in our everyday lives.  We all know there are times when we need “that ice cream cone,” that incentive to keep going.  But I’d like to remind you that you often have everything you need….. you just need to look within.  You can jump from one promising remedy to another, but until you find your peace, wisdom, and love within you, your endless search will continue.  Please, remember to be your own safe harbor.

Rose and I can use energy healing to help you find your safe harbor within.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


July Highlights 2016

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,ask for help

How often do we face a difficult situation in our lives, and feel it’s best if we “go it alone”?  Or keep it to ourselves?  Or suffer in silence?  Is it because we don’t want to appear vulnerable or weak?  Or we feel the need to guard our privacy?  Maybe we’re afraid to reach out, feeling unsure if anyone would be there to help.  Any of these reasons are completely understandable.

Recently, out of the blue, a friend of mine told me of a hurtful situation she has been dealing with, and I was surprised at how similar it was to one I had experienced as well.  We talked, shared, and connected more deeply through our shared experiences.  I was struck by the courage she felt to open up to me, and was grateful she felt comfortable trusting in me to listen.

We often encourage our healing community to offer a helping hand to those in need.  Each of us, though, at one time or another, face heartache or struggle in our own lives, and find ourselves in need of care.  Remember, we don’t have to go it alone.  Dare to reach out for help…. for someone to talk to….. for comfort and support…. and for the realization that you’re not alone.  We are all here to help each other.

Rose and I are here when you need us.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


June Highlights 2016

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,don't dim your light

Do you remember a time in school when you knew the answer to the teacher’s question, but didn’t raise your hand because you feared your “friends” would look down on you?  Or maybe you chose to melt into the background when working on a group project, afraid that your exceptional creativity might actually create resentment instead of gratitude?  Have you ever settled for showcasing average athletic ability, at a time when you clearly outshone your competition, just to “fit in”?

As you think back on an experience in your life when you “dimmed your light,” do you remember how you felt afterward?  Were you disappointed in yourself?  Frustrated?  Did you feel like you betrayed yourself?  Did you ultimately resent the people you wanted to like you, because you felt coerced to be “less than”?  And…. was their conditional approval worth it….. or real?

We each are blessed with our own individual talents and abilities, and we’re called in life to share what makes us special.  When we do so, we feel vibrant and energized…. feelings that are contagious to those in our presence.  If someone in your life pressures you to keep your light dimmed, whether out of jealousy or insecurity, the issue is theirs…. not yours.  And their conditional “friendship” wouldn’t be the true or trustworthy relationship you’re desiring.  By no means does this mean that it’s OK to be boastful, self-centered, or to monopolize the spotlight.  This message is merely an invitation to discover what lights you up, and when you do, free yourself to be a beacon to inspire others.  It is our purpose in life to express our unique gifts.  Please, let your light shine brightly!

Rose and I can use energy healing to encourage you to shine your light!

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


May Highlights 2016

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,forgiveness

There is rarely a day that goes by when you can’t turn on the TV to hear of a personal tragedy and the resultant impact on someone’s life.  And so often, a question arises about forgiveness.  “Do you forgive him?”  “She forgave you….  so how does that make you feel?”  “How is it possible to forgive them?”  How often do we hold a grudge or resentment toward someone for a minor infraction against us, and yet these people we see find the enormous strength needed to open their hearts enough to forgive?  These are the stories on TV that are worth listening to…. and worthy of aspiring to.

Forgiveness carries with it many misconceptions…. such as, if we forgive, we believe that it was OK to be treated in that manner.  If we forgive, we must forget and not think of it again.  If we forgive, we can’t stay “right” if the other person is no longer “wrong.”  If we forgive, justice won’t be served.  But I don’t believe this is what forgiveness is all about.

Forgiveness is about opening your heart, and not wishing ill will on another.  It’s about letting go of the bitterness that has resulted, so YOUR heart can be free to experience peace, love and happiness more fully.  In this way, forgiveness is a means of freeing your OWN heart and soul, enabling you to live your life again.  It’s about moving on.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean that we don’t still feel the pain, the hurt, the void, or the sting when the memory presents itself.  But it does mean that we trust ourselves to be strong enough to survive if we’re hurt this way again.

We open our hearts.  We free our hearts.  We trust ourselves.  Forgiveness is a win… win… win… for the one who forgives.  Who can you forgive today?

Rose and I can use energy healing to help you feel more open to choosing forgiveness in your life!

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


April Highlights 2016

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,energize your life 2

Helmet… check
Goggles… check
Skis… check
Boots… check

This is a portion of the mental checklist I went through a few weeks ago, before I headed up north for an amazing day of spring skiing.  We all have our checklists, don’t we?  Whether it’s for responsibilities at work, chores at home, exercises for a fitness regimen, or books we’d like to read, a checklist helps to keep us both on track and motivated.

The thing about checklists, though, is they eventually get completed!  How do you feel when you’ve crossed the to-do’s off your list?   Perhaps you feel proud of your accomplishment, relieved to have finished your tasks, and you feel free to coast for a bit.  Sometimes we need to coast, take a breather, and allow ourselves time to recharge our batteries.  But ask yourself….. are you still coasting?

Coasting feels easy and comfortable and familiar.  But coasting isn’t creating, and isn’t it when we pour our energy into creating something…. something alive, something vibrant… that we actually create the life we want?  This is when we thrive!  There is inherent joy when we energize our lives.  If you’ve been coasting for a period of time, now’s the time to start to infuse your energy into your passions, and create your best life!

Rose and I can use energy healing to help you transition from coasting to thriving!

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”


March Highlights 2016test your beliefs 2

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,

Healers must continue their own personal healing process, raising their own vibrational level in order to be an effective healer for others.  With that in mind, I received a healing last month that was quite an unexpected experience.  During this healing session and since, I have been pushed to really examine my beliefs on religion, spirituality, and the essence of who I am.  It’s been an interesting month, but as I’ve sifted through my thoughts, experiences, beliefs, and teachings, I have discovered… and rediscovered… what feels right and true to me.

While you may not have had such an experience that clearly challenges the foundation of your beliefs, you’ve probably found that life often reveals similar opportunities for you to examine your core truths.  Maybe it’s the dissolution of a relationship.  Or the realization that you survived a car accident.  Perhaps it’s fighting your way back to health after an illness.  Or the miracle of the birth of a child.  When you are tested, and faced with questioning your beliefs, I hope you will embrace the chance to rediscover not only what you believe…. but who you are.

Rose and I enjoy using energy healing to help you achieve clarity and conviction as you embrace these opportunities!

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”



February Highlights 2016

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,Someone recently asked me, hypothetically, “What if Heaven is actually here on Earth?”  I didn’t think of it much at the time, but for some reason the question has stuck with me.  And I’ve found myself pondering…..Could our lives here.. actually… be… Heaven on Earth?If so, how would this knowledge change how we choose to live our lives?  Would it encourage us to slow down and savor the present moment?  So often, we race along eagerly from one big event to the next in our lives and wish away our time in between.  Or we dread our days because they require us to do things we really don’t want to do.  Would we treasure our days more if we knew we were living in Heaven on Earth?If this is Heaven on Earth, would we spend as much time sweating the small stuff?  Rather than stressing over the minuscule details of our daily lives, should we focus instead on our tiny blessings?  The smell of morning coffee.  The 90 seconds of daylight we gain now each day.  The smiling “Hello” from a stranger on the sidewalk.  By appreciating our tiny blessings, we become more cognizant of that which is special in our lives, and can virtually transform our time on Earth into Heaven.If this might be Heaven, why do bad things happen?  Could it actually be a piece of Heaven to be able to experience fully the duality of emotions we feel?  Sadness and joy.  Anxiety and peace.  Grief and love.  Despair and hope.  Perhaps it’s not a burden, but a blessing to feel the kaleidoscope of our emotions.  For only by experiencing one can we understand and truly appreciate the depth of the other.I’m grateful that I was asked this question.  Grateful for the questions that came of it.  And I hope you will take a moment to think of this question as it relates to your life.  “What if Heaven is actually here on Earth?”  Are you spending your time “in Heaven” as you dreamed you would?Rose and I would love to use energy healing to help open you your eyes to the wonders of Heaven in your life!”May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”Lea

January Highlights 2016

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,

OVERWHELMING!!!  This is how many people view New Year’s resolutions.  The thought of committing to a goal for a complete year can seem like such a burden that we often abandon our aspirations before we truly begin.

As an alternative, you may find it beneficial to act upon your resolution one day at a time.  Try beginning your day, every day, with a positive affirmation or intention.  Or contemplate the positives in your life as you relax at the end of each day.  Using the Law of Attraction, what you focus on is what you will attract.  Commit to this daily practice and witness the unfolding of your beautiful life!

Are you having difficulty coming up with a positive intention to help jump start or wind down your day?  Here are a few suggestions for you:

I am so grateful for my healthy mind, body, and spirit.

I am so grateful to be alive on this beautiful day.

I am so grateful for my warm cup of tea.

I am so grateful to be on my journey of self-discovery.

I am so grateful for chocolate.

I am so grateful to be able to laugh with others.

I am so grateful for a new year…. and a new beginning.

Choose to create the year you want, each and every day.

Rose and I are able to use energy healing to help you embrace the wonderful and positive aspects of your life.

“May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”

Leabeautiful day


December Highlights 2015

Dear Friends of Your Bridge To Healing,When this beautiful story popped up in my inbox, I realized that it is the perfect message to share with you during this holiday season of giving!Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room.  One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs.  His bed was next to the room’s only window.  The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back.  The men talked for hours on end.  They spoke of their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the military service, where they had been on vacation….Every afternoon when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window.  The man in the other bed began to live for those one hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and color of the world outside.The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake.  Ducks and swans played on the water while children sailed their model boats.  Young lovers walked arm in arm amidst flowers of every color and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance.  As the man by the window described all this in exquisite detail, the man on the other side of the room would close his eyes and imagine this picturesque scene.  One warm afternoon, the man by the window described a parade passing by.  Although the other man could not hear the band, he could see it in his mind’s eye as the gentleman by the window portrayed it with descriptive words.Days, weeks and months passed.One morning, the day nurse arrived to bring water for their baths only to find the lifeless body of the man by the window, who had died peacefully in his sleep.  She was saddened and called the hospital attendants to take the body away.  As soon as it seemed appropriate, the other man asked if he could be moved next to the window.  The nurse was happy to make the switch, and after making sure he was comfortable, she left him alone.  Slowly, painfully, he propped himself up on one elbow to take his first look  at the real world outside.  He strained to slowly turn to look out the window beside the bed.It faced a blank wall.The man asked the nurse what could have compelled his deceased roommate, who had described such wonderful things outside this window.  The nurse responded that the man was blind and couldn’t even see the wall.  She said, “Perhaps he just wanted to encourage you.”Epilogue:  There is tremendous happiness in making others happy, despite our own situation.Rose and I would love to help you realize the specialness of the gifts you have to share.”May you dance with life, and leave a brilliant light behind!”Leayou are a unique sparkle