What Clients Are Saying About Us

“People in the Groton area are so fortunate to have this wonderful source of healing and refreshment nearby! I am very grateful to feel healthier in my life, enriched because of classes and a healing session here. Lea and Rose are 2 of the most warm, wise, sincere and kind people I know and truly gifted healers.” -Laura

“Your Bridge To Healing has such a calming and caring aura. After a healing I come away feeling so cared for. It makes me feel rejuvenated and relaxed at the same time. I feel so fortunate to have these two healers there to help me be the best I can be.”

“For more than 4 years Reiki has been an active part in addressing a chronic condition I have. Earlier this year I began Reiki treatments from Lea. I would highly recommend her as both a Reiki practitioner and instructor. Her Reiki ability, combined with her physical therapy background, provides her a unique skill set to deliver an effective energy healing session.” -Jeff

“My session with Lea provided me with a comfortable and powerful experience in which I was able to acknowledge and accept my true underlying feelings and emotions. It was as if my mind cleared to allow me to deeply reflect on my path in life.” -Shauna

“Lea’s healing therapy has helped me relax, refocus and re-establish my true self. I felt her healing energy flow through my core and boost my inner strength. Lea is a gifted, compassionate healer.” -Mark

“I frequently get headaches, and Lea’s Reiki treatments have relieved even the worst of my headaches when medicine was of no help. I can feel the pain and stress leaving my head through her hands.” -Katie

“My healing session with Lea was an unbelievably relaxing and de-stressing experience.” -John

“I have been seeing Rosemary for healing treatments for quite a while now. After having major surgery I wanted to do more than simply mend on my own. The results have been amazing and I continue to engage in Rosemary’s healing sessions today. I’ve never felt better. Along with having more energy I feel a sense of balance, harmony and clear direction……Thanks Rosey!!” -Larry

“I always look forward to my energy healing from Rose. She brings her love, kindness and intuitive abilities into every healing she does. I’ve had quite a few sessions with her and always leave with a feeling of peace and well-being.” -Louise


“Earlier today I did something I have never done before. I had an energy healing. So if you know me well you know that I’m not the kind of person that goes out and gets an energy healing, but the opportunity for me to give it a try arose and so I did. This session produced a profound sense of feeling, awareness and relaxation, almost too much for me to explain. I really have no idea what she did (an eye pillow covered my eyes) but the effects were real. If you or someone you know could benefit from another source for relaxation I’d recommend Lea Decoteau at @Your Bridge To Healing, LLC right here in Groton. Thanks, Lea, for your kind and gentle touch!” -Anne

“Lea brings energy, harmony, trust and relaxation to her healings. I left feeling empowered and peaceful. I would recommend Lea as an energy healer to help bring you to a level of inner peace and strength.” -Reilly

Thanks to Lea who taught six amazing women at WillowRock Natural Healing Center the first of the IET classes. We are all amazed by the teachings and Lea’s expertise! She is confidant and knowledgeable – I will use these techniques in my practice often!” -Maryellen

“I have been blessed to have had four energy sessions with Lea. They have been amazing and it’s deep energy work being done. I would highly recommend Lea as an energy healer. She is intuitive and compassionate. She holds a sacred space for all to come. I cannot wait until I can have another one.” -Mary

“Had a wonderful experience with Lea and Rose. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. Arrive with an open mind, they will guide you through the process of energy healing and make you feel right at home! I left feeling relaxed, more open, and healthy. I loved it and will definitely return!”
P & J

“Lea is a very sincere and caring person. I feel fortunate that I have found her and Your Bridge to Healing. She is passionate about her energy healing, her practice and her clients. I have had healing sessions with Lea and have attended a few of her Reiki and IET training programs and I eagerly look forward to future classes and workshops. Lea has provided me with my most enriching experiences and has opened new pathways for me. The ambience of Your Bridge to Healing is exceptional and the “extras” that Lea provides (background music, mediations and readings) make the healing session and training a most rich and rewarding spiritual experience. Thank you Lea for all that you do.”